Multimedia5™ Team

Martin Nussairat (MBA , MHA, Pg.D.)
Lyan Nsierat
Shahed Nussairat (M.M.C)
Social Media Manager
Nelson Fraga

Multimedia5™ Mentors, Advisors, Champions

Dr.Omar Nusair
Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of Alabama
Dr. Omar inspired us to become assertive entrepreneurs while staying humble and modest.
Dr. Malek Alsharairi
Dean at German Jordanian University
Dr. Malek gave us the confidence to challenge the status quo and take on the world. He taught us the importance of work dedication
Dr.Omar Alwakfi
Board Member
Edward Fraser
Consultant at Edward Fraser & Associates
Edward is the reason we are well organized as a team and work so well as a unit. He taught us the value of teamwork and purse of goals.

What we're building

Multimedia5™ is Social-first cognitive cloud-based, A.I. powered video creation environment that uniquely blends artificial intelligence,art and human elements , creating a new paradigm where video content and creative is generated by artists ,data and machine learnings. We enable anyone to create engaging video content at speed , scale and at affordable prices.

Multimedia5™ by EKSENTREK is building a unified cognitive cloud-based collaborative A.I. video creation platform, that help businesses of all sizes, optimize content and deliver engagement through exceptional digital marketing experience on all developed social media networks.

Our system is purpose-built for publishers ,media companies , marketers, digital agencies and small businesses with their unique requirements and challenges in mind and is used by top publishers and marketers across the globe. We enable businesses deliver engagement through exceptional digital experiences.

Why we're building it

We believe that within the next five years, we going to see a fundamental transformation in our Information Technology Industries, and the application of computing to our life’s. The demands are increasing for creative video content to enable businesses with the capacity to influence their audiences through simple, story-driven messages.

We want to enable digital publishers , advertisement agencies, marketers, small businesses and anybody looking to produce their own unique content and ideas into a video within most affordable pricing in the market and the shortest amount of time .

Multimedia5™ gives its partners the most advanced Artificial Intelligence story building blocks to make meaningful story-driven connections with people and solve common Marketing issues like Brand Awareness, Audience Engagement, Traffic and Website Conversion. Our technology platform is the most efficient and effective solution to develop creative smart video content that engage your audience , raise brand awareness and optimize your content for maximum social interaction and learning.

How we're building it

We are building a whole tool kit that leverage Artificial Intelligence science and use machine learning algorithms, natural language understanding, vision recognition, and digital human-computer interaction to help businesses manage and grow their social media presence, create human connections at scale, and achieve marketing goals.

Multimedia5™ SaaS platform can help you market more effectively and turn content into relevant web and mobile digital experiences; tell engaging stories and deliver professional digital videos at speed and scale.

Multimedia5™ offers digital video production and creation service with premium footage for video advertising and content marketing at the most affordable prices in the market.

Choose from an extensive library of over 10 million royalty-free videos or upload your own media, add your logo to increase brand awareness, custom your message with motion fonts and finish with a powerful call-to-action.

Here's how Multimedia5™ works

Our cognitive cloud-based, AI video creation platform helps you create videos in minutes without breaking the bank.

Simple-to-use A.I. video service

Create engaging video content at speed , scale and at affordable prices

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